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IT Support for BH - TU Wien Bioscience Center
BH - Institutsgebäude Gumpendorferstrasse 1a, A1060 Wien

Institute of Chemical Engineering, TU Wien TU Wien - Vienna University of Technology

BH Building Gumpendorferstrasse 1
IT Support
The purpose of E166.org is to provide ongoing support with enterprise-level applications like ETLs, Data Warehouse, Analytical reporting, Executive Dashboards and Information Delivery.
Indev In developement
  • Ticket system for IT support
  • Online database of folder access rights
  • Migration of Trichoderma database
  • Finishing migration of Chemical database
Custom lists etc.
Main features:
  • Online account management for employees, PhD and students
  • Flexible solutions for IP address management in the institute
  • Group-based approach to member management
  • System of member and group announcements
  • Nested levels of administration in all kinds of content-related groups
  • System of examination questions for teachers
  • Support via system of support tickets
  • All data is stored in secure online databases
  • Equipment resevation system
  • Personal pages with CV and list of publications