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IT Support for BH - TU Wien Bioscience Center
BH - Institutsgebäude Gumpendorferstrasse 1a, A1060 Wien

Institute of Chemical Engineering, TU Wien TU Wien - Vienna University of Technology

E166 News

Introducing new Role: IT Management in IT Groups

IT system alpha release

This news concerns IT managers of the institute. 

"IT Manager" (IM) is a role assigned to a members upon request. This role gives access to the managment of devices on the network. Each IM will maintain a list of devices reserved for the corresponding IT group to make sure each device is properly configured and has no conflicts. 

After IM loggs into the member page he/she will see the link to IM page:

This is how IM page looks:

To check for available free IP addresses click the link "Check for free IP addresses". You will be presented with the following page:

At the right side you will see results of the ARP scans. Number in brackets shows how many times device with the IP address from the left column was detected in our network segment. Those IP that has never beed detected become candidates for re-use.